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Woodcock Dog Training in Scotland for only € 7.99

TICKET LIMIT: 256 ... Participate and win a beautiful and educational experience of training on woodcocks for your dog, videos and photos to document the work done and the progress of the dog.
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Woodcock Dog Training in Scotland for only € 7.99

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Time to be defined
Scotland, Scotland, United Kingdom

Cosa Vinci:

Specific woodcock training in Scotland. The dogs will be taken out both singly and in pairs to enhance the various aspects of woodcock hunting, seek, stop and consent. Sometimes a more experienced dog is placed side by side with a younger one to make him meet more woodcocks.

ORGANIZED TRIP: February 15-25

1. In February and March, the high presence of game for refresher to the Scandinavian countries combined with a low hunting pressure exerted during the winter months, represents a great opportunity for those who want to give their auxiliary an important knowledge and experience hunting.

2. Each dog on average a day can meet a dozen woodcocks, the number of encounters always tends to increase with the passing of days, it depends on his experience and on that bit of luck that never hurts.

3. Videos will be made which will be delivered to you on DVD upon return to be able to view the improvements of the dogs.

4. In total there are 14 days: 10 of training + 2 of travel to go and 2 to return.

5. The training grounds are of natural wood, with undergrowth of ferns and heather, some of them will represent an easy start for the puppies, others will test their sense of smell and their hunting skills, and this will be useful when they will have already acquired knowledge of the wild.

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