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In the month of February, the high presence of woodcocks returning to the Scandinavian countries on a territory already in itself excluded from hunting activity, creates an environment with absolutely favorable conditions for those who want to give their auxiliary important knowledge and experience of hunting:


  • for young dogs (min. 10 months) who will then face their first hunting season.

  • for adult dogs who want to give complete training.

  • for specialist dogs aimed at national and international level competitions.

This is specific woodcock training in Scotland. The dogs are taken out every day, both individually and in pairs to improve the various aspects of woodcock hunting (search, stop and consent). Sometimes a more experienced dog is paired with a younger one to make him encounter more woodcocks.


On average, each dog can encounter a dozen woodcocks per day, the number of encounters always tends to increase as the days go by, it depends on his experience and that bit of luck that never hurts.


We take videos for all training sessions for each dog and we then give to you upon return so you can see the dogs’ improvements.

The transport of the dogs: we personally organize the trip, the transport of the dogs with our certified vehicle, bringing your dogs in training for the two weeks in Scotland.


The period is 16 days in total: 12 of training + 2 of travel to go and 2 to return.

The training ground is mostly natural woods with undergrowth of ferns and heather.

Some territories represent an easy start for young dogs, others will put their hunting skills to the test; this will be useful when they have already acquired knowledge about woodcock.

The well-being of dogs is our main prerogative: ours kennels are safe and comfortable; equipped with an infrared light system for night heating.

For food, we suggest that owners provide us with the usual food and feed products that the dog knows and is used to eating. Given them an high level of training, it is ours prerogative to add natural energetic supplements such as cod liver oil and vitamins tablets throughout the period.

  • Dog travel in Scotland return

  • Transport of your own dogs with an equipped minibus, certified with double EU/UK certification

  • 12 days of training + 4 days of return travel,

  • Personalized training for singles and couples,

  • All permits, highways, tolls and ferries,

  • Room and board for the dog,

  • Equipment (beeper, satellite and bell collars),

  • Training photos and videos to see your dog’s progress.

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