In February, the high presence of woodcock going back to the Scandinavian countries, combined with a very low hunting pressure exerted during the winter months represents a great opportunity for who want to give to their dogs an important training and hunting knowledge and experience.

  • This is specific training on woodcock hunting in Scotland. The dogs will be taken out both individually and in pairs to enhance the various aspects of woodcock hunting: seek, stop and point. Sometimes a more experienced dog is placed side by side with a younger one to make him meet more woodcocks.

  • Each dog on average per day can meet a dozen woodcocks, the number of encounters always tends to increase with the passing of the days, it depends on his experience and on that bit of luck that never hurts.


  • Videos will be made which will be delivered to you on DVD upon return to enable you to view the improvements of the dog(s).

  • In total there are 14 days: 10 training + 2  travel to go and 2 to return.

  • The training grounds are of woodland, with undergrowth of ferns and heather, some of them will represent an easy start for the younger dogs, whilst others will put their hunting skills to the test; if they have already acquired knowledge of the wild.

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  • Trip to Scotland A / R

  • Dog transport of your property with an equipped minibus,

  • All permits, highways, tolls and ferries,

  • Food and accommodation for the dog,

  • Equipment (beepers, satellite collars and bells),

  • 10 days training.

  • Training photos and videos to see the progress of your dogs

Dog transport

Documents required:

  • European passport (original)

  • Rabies vaccination before departure.

  • Certificate of sound and robust constitution (for travel).

  • Deworming and pesticide washing carried out no earlier than 24 hours and no later than 120 hours at the passage of customs between Calais and Dover.

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For your dogs:

For vaccinations, deworming and pesticide washing, we offer assistance from our trusted veterinarian and free boarding service in our kennel for the necessary period.

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For reservations, information and contacts:

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