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   Goose Shooting 

One of the most beautiful and wildest peninsulas in Scotland is the county of Argyll and Bute, a migration route for geese, mostly wild and Canadian, who choose these places throughout the winter.

The large exemptions of lands and fields make possible to hunt these formidable migratory birds, among the largest of their kind.

  •   Very low hunting pressure,  this guarantees a quality hunt with the maximum number of possible encounters.


  • Professionalism and courtesy: the pleasure of hunting is also in sharing adventures and emotions, which is why we have chosen traditional Scottish cottages as accommodation, which offer space and comfort that is qualitatively superior to the classic hotel. The Cottages have an annex used for the conservation of game and kennels for the comfort of your dogs.


  • No additional costs or tips, the fee includes everything !!!!  

The fee includes:

  • 5 hunting days,

  • 2 Farms exclusively,

  • transfer to and from the Scottish airport (Glasgow or Edinburgh),

  • 6 nights in double rooms with services in the "Farm House" adjacent to the hunting area,

  • organization and transfers to hunting areas,

  • scottish hunting license,

  • Gamekeepers

  • necessary equipment (decoys, molds and sheds),

  • game shot: storage and transport in Italy,

  • no additional costs or tips.

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The fee does not include:

  • return flight

Hunting residences

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