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​Our aim is to enhance hunting activity in harmony with the need for environmental protection and the conservation of wildlife.

Our companies are located in the province of Viterbo and differ from each other in terms of morphology, environments and crops present.


Contact us

AFV San Salvatore

AFV Carbonara

AFV Fondaccio

AFV Bucone

Matteo +393391827828

Mirio +393334559154


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In particular, we promote training and preparation for hunting activities, dog training, falconry, skeet shooting, archery, photographic hunting, dog training activities and dog trials.

scarpe da trekking

In all the companies managed by the Association, the main objective is to create permanent wildlife, rooted in the environment, which can guarantee constant reproduction over the years, a guarantee of quality hunting.


​The management of agricultural and woodland territories, the preservation of stubble, the sowing of non-returnable crops, the conservation and maintenance of natural and artificial water basins, are the other cornerstone on which the Association bases its strength.

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