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The Woodcock Association and Hunting Travel Club are proud to introduce to you the Team. Our purpose is enhancing the hunting activity in harmony with the need for environmental protection and wildlife conservation .


maurizio team HTC.jpg


"The Boss"

A border between passion and work never drawn that allowed him to know nature in its essence, learn and respect.

An invaluable guide in wildlife management and environments; Maurizio knows when to let nature take its course and when to intervene to get back into balance ...

matteo team HTC.jpg


"The Scotsman"

Of Etruscan origins, he adapted to the Scottish moors, where, in addition to hunting, he saw the beauty of the landscapes, the silence, the slow rhythms marked by time.

Matteo is a hunter with shotgun, quill and inkwell who knows how to tell you the history and tradition of this country.

mirio team HTC.jpg


"The professionist"

Dedication and passion have led him to be the fulcrum in the management of hunting areas.


You can always count on his strength, experience and tenacity ...

Mirio is a hunter with natural instinct and great experience, who knows how to accompany you wherever you want to go !!!

tiziano team HTC.jpg


"The Apprentice"

The boy will do it even if his shoulders are narrow, De Gregori sang ...

In his eyes you see all the desire for adventure of a boy who has done his job with his passion.


Under the supervision of the Boss it can only do well.

stefano team HTC.jpg


"The  Fisherman"

Go from hunting to fishing seamlessly.

No matter what the result is, the important thing is that it is found

surrounded by nature.


He joined the team recently with enthusiasm

and the desire to learn and to make this world his life


In particular, we promote training and preparation for hunting activities, gundog training, falconry, archery and photographic hunting.

riserve di caccia - la beccaccia associazione
riserve di caccia - la beccaccia associazione

In all the farms managed by us the main objective is to establish permanent wildlife, rooted in the environment, which can guarantee constant reproduction over the years, a guarantee of quality hunting.

The management of agricultural areas and woodlands and the conservation of natural and artificial water basins, are the other cornerstone on which we base our strength.

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