Caccia in Scoza a beccacce
Woodcock hunting

For us, hunting woodcock has always been tradition, passion and adventure.  A love that is consummated with full respect for the fauna.



Scotland, beyond the great opportunities it offers, represents one of its greatest expressions, a land that lets you rediscover the quiet cadence of time, with its natural rhythms of life.




Unique landscapes where you can rediscover the deep bond between man and animal, an ancestral union that is renewed every day thanks to hunting.


EXCLUSIVITY TRIPS FOR 6,000 Acres of land available

  • Exclusive hunting grounds: The hunting grounds of the Farms are exclusive and we take care of the habitat 365 days a year.

  • Very low hunting pressure, distributed between November, December and January, this to guarantee quality hunting with the maximum number of possible encounters.

  • Professionalism and courtesy: the pleasure of hunting is also in sharing adventures and emotions.  For this reason we have chosen traditional Scottish cottages as accommodation, providing space, comfort and superior quality. The Cottages have an annex used for the conservation of game.

  • Dog transport and accommodation: with the same attention and care we organise the transport and provides boxes and kennels for your inseparable dog, to give them the shelter and rest they deserve. Single and double boxes are also equipped with infrared lamps if the climate dictates.

  • No additional costs or tips, the fee includes everything !!!!


The price includes:

  • 5 hunting days,

  • Four exclusive Farms covering an area of ​​approximately 6,000 Acres,

  • transfer to and from the Scottish airport (Glasgow or Edinburgh),

  • 6 nights in double bedrooms and en-suite in stunning Cottage 

  • full board,

  • organisation and transfers to hunting areas,

  • gamekeepers,

  • hunting permits and weapons transport permits,

  • equipment,

  • boxes equipped for dog boarding,

  • all game meat

  • no additional costs or tips.

The fee does not include:

  • return flight

  • Vet certificate for game meat

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- A day of Red Grouse shooting, limit of bag applied.

red grouse Caccia in Scozia - assolabeccaccia
Caccia in Scozia - assolabeccaccia

Dog transport service

For all those who wish to go hunting in Scotland with their dogs, we offer transport service with an equipped van included in the participation fee.


Hunting residences



  • Passport / Identity Card (photocopy or double-sided pdf file)

  • Hunting license (photocopy or double-sided pdf file).

  • Hunting insurance (photocopy or pdf file, front and back).

Transport of owned dogs:

  • European passport.

  • Anti-rabic vaccination valid for 23 days before departure.

  • Certificate of sound and robust constitution (for travel).

  • Deworming and pesticide washing carried out no earlier than 24 hours and no later than 120 hours at the passage of customs between Calais and Dover.

For more information, quotes and reservations:

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