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The Beccaccia Association offers hunting for ungulates (wild boars and roe deer) with an annual package which gives the possibility of hunting with a ball all year round, in different areas and environments, with different methods of hunting for game and shooting.

In the various activities of the Association, ungulate hunting is practiced on our farms in all forms of hunting:

in batting,

looking single,

under selection.

Caccia di selezione La Beccaccia associazione Lazio Viterbo
Caccia di selezione Capriolo La Beccaccia associazione Lazio Viterbo

La caccia di selezione al Capriolo

si svolge in base al piano di gestione come consentito nel numero di due capi, di classe e sesso differenti nei periodi consentiti:

  • Maschi: dal 1 giugno al 16 luglio e dal 15 agosto al 29 settembre.

  • Femmine: dal 1 gennaio al 15 marzo.

Di anno in anno i capi vengono assegnati a rotazione per una funzionale, rispettosa ed etica gestione faunistica.

La tipologia di caccia consentita è:

  • in appostamento mattutino e serale,

  • in girata diurna.​

The wild boar selection hunt

takes place in all four companies of the Association throughout the year.

The animals are constantly monitored.

For the recovery of injured animals we have the support of qualified controllers with tracking dogs.

The hunting day includes the slaughter of the animal.

Possibility of integrating wild boar and roe deer during the season.

Caccia di selezione La Beccaccia associazione Lazio Viterbo


Caccia al cinghiale in braccata la beccaccia associazione Lazio Viterbo

​Boar Hunting

Hunting trips exclusively for wild boar are carried out in a traditional way with the use of tracking dogs, trackers and postmen. They take place in all the companies managed by the Association from 1 November to 31 January, from a minimum of 3 to a maximum of 6 seasonal events.

The hunts take place in open territories.

The assignment is at the discretion of the association and subject to the type of weapon used.

All participants must scrupulously follow the rules and directives of the organizers.

High visibility clothing is mandatory.

Caccia al cinghiale in braccata


The Beccaccia Association offers hunted wild boar hunting

2 Wildlife Hunting Companies, offering the possibility of changing the environment and territory each time, tackling different types of woods and shooting methods.

The hunts in Braccata will take place on public holidays (Saturday and/or Sunday),

number of hunts per hunting season from 4 to 6

the assignment of the posts is entrusted to the Concessionaire/Chief Manager,

mandatory high visibility clothing,

no limits on killing animals,

distribution of meat at altitude

possible lunch at the end of the trip.

caccia al cinghiale la beccaccia associazione Lazio Viterbo


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