Membership fee for bird game:
Caccia in Scozia beccacce - La Beccaccia Associazione

Different types of quotas are available which vary according to the number of people, hunting days and the number of wild hunted.

Thanks to a serious and constant management that has lasted for over 35 years in our reserves there are excellent populations of PHAGIANS and STARNE, as well as HARE and PARTRIDGES.

The disposable crops and the conservation of the stubble also allows the stop in the migration of the QUAILS in the months of September and October.

The woods, the presence of rivers, of important water basins and wetlands, allow the stop and wintering of the SNAKE which are always included in the hunting quotas.

The Association also reserves for the shareholders:

  • the possibility during the course of the season to invite people as guests on their hunting days,

  • the invitation to all wild boar hunts held in the four farms.


Hare hunting +

annual training

Exclusive hunting with following dogs.

A single fee per Faunistic Company which gives the possibility to HUNT in the period allowed by the regional hunting calendar and TRAIN in the closed hunting period.

Lepre ripopolamento - La Beccaccia Associazione

The price includes:

  • an exclusive Wildlife Hunting Company,

  • one hunting day per week (all hunting season),

  • the whole company as a hunting area,

  • 5 foldable garments per hunting season,

  • training in the spring - summer period (one day a week),

  • the training is allowed in all the Companies of the Association.

  1. Hunting is allowed only for the Hare species.

  2. Participants in each single day of hunting cannot exceed 5 in number.

  3. There are no limitations on the number of animals that can be killed in a single hunting day, in compliance with the maximum limit of seasonal animals.

  4. Wounded animals are considered as killed and as far as possible, they must be recovered in compliance with hunting ethics.

  5. The hunting day and the weekly training day can be chosen by mutual agreement.

  6. The Association carries out the ANNUAL REPOPULATIONS in the periods of January and February, in these periods all training activities are suspended to ensure the easy acclimatization of the subjects and their reproduction.

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