Hunting Estate

San Salvatore

San Salvatore Farm, in the municipalities of Vetralla and Viterbo, is inserted in the landscape and archaeological Etruschi geographichal area.
The territory is a mix of woodlands and open fields with different crops.
A stunning river called Biedano runs through the property; this river, plus two seasonal lakes, represent an attraction for some aquatic species during the migration.
Fagiano maschio adulto - La Beccaccia Associazione
Fagiano femmina adulta - La Beccaccia Associazione

Some crops such as cereal, oil crops (maize, sunflower and rapeseed) are managed by the Association, to make the environment favourable for the reproduction and adaptation of the wildlife (hare, partridge, pheasant) and migratory (quail, lark, woodpigeon).


Carbonara Farm extends into the municipalities of Bagnoregio, Viterbo and Montefiascone.
The environment, purely flat, is predisposed to the cultivation of cereals in rotation with polyphite weeds. Woodland and uncultivated areas follow one another to offer the perfect habitat to wildlife.
Riserva di caccia - La Beccaccia Associazione
The food pantries are integrated with crops which, as in all other farms, are managed by the Association in collaboration with the landowners.
Riserva di Caccia - La Beccaccia Associazione


The Fondaccio Farm is located in the municipalities of Marta, Montefiascone, Viterbo next to the beautiful Bolsena Lake, the most natural and deepest in Europe.  This is the crossroads of an important cultural and naturalistic landmark, a few kilometers from Viterbo, 'The City of the Popes'.
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Riserva di Caccia - La Beccaccia Associazione
Riserva di caccia - La Beccaccia Associazione
The environment is made up of olive plantations, vineyards and uncontaminated woodlands, favouring the dwelling of many migratory species (thrush, wood pigeon, woodcock).
Fondaccio is also an organic farm, specializing in the production of wheat, barley, sunflower, olive oil and wine.
Over time the Association has consolidated a relationship with farmers for the maintenance of uncultivated territories, to guarantee habitat, nutrition and reproduction of the pheasants, grey partridges and hares.


The Farm is located within the municipalities of Canino, Cellere and Tessennano.

The environment is equally divided between extensive woodland hills and flat open agricultural areas.
Typical of this part of the Maremma are the olive plantations which represent the main economical resource due to the excellent quality of the oil produced.
Even here, the Association manages plots of land for the benefit of wildlife.
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Riserva di caccia - La Beccaccia Associazione