AFV Carbonara - a hunting reserve dedicated only to the training of dogs throughout the year.

The project that we have put in place together with passionate dog lovers, provides an entire Hunting Wildlife Company for the training of English and continental pointing dogs, for Italian and European hunting and following dogs.

The training is open all year round, WITHOUT SHOOTING, on sedentary and migratory game, natural reproduction and repopulation that have created a wild and re-wild population, rooted in the territory, which responds in behavior and attitudes to that of the past. . All this is the result of the management that has been put in place over the last decade.

Training as the only goal on 1,200 hectares of land.

The AFV Carbonara has an extended environment, purely flat, wide territories that are perfect for dogs to express themselves at their best.

The rotating cereal cultivation with polyphite grasses, natural meadows and alfalfa also offer an ideal habitat for stopping in the migration of wild quail which in the less dry seasons, characterized by summer storms, stop for the whole summer.

Wooded and uncultivated areas follow one another to offer ample shelter to sedentary and migratory game.

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Training is on sedentary game (gray partridge, pheasant, red partridge) and migratory game (quail and woodcock) in their respective migration periods.

For the following dogs, admissions and hare training packages are available.

Periods of wildlife respect and biological stop are foreseen in conjunction with natural reproduction.

For all enthusiasts and lovers of woodcock hunting, it is possible to bring their dog in training in Scotland, exclusively on woodcocks. for more info about it go to the page Dog training on woodcock in Scotland.

For more information, quotes and reservations:

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